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Are you looking for Taco bell customer survey or wanna give feedback at and want to win some rewards then here in this post I have written step by step guide with screenshot which will make your taco-bell survey task more easier and you will complete survey.

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The Taco Bell restaurant is specialized in Texan and Mexican fusion commonly known as Tex-Mex food with Tacos. This dish was center of attraction in Taco Bell which is obviously from the name itself. The Taco Bell restaurant serves more than two billion peoples in a year which is amind-blowing factor. And also, the Taco Bell is offering a chance for the peoples who visit there to win $500 cash prize when they complete the customer seruvey feedback at 

TellTheBell Survey

What is taco bell?

Taco Bell is one of the largest fast-food joints in the world. And also, Taco Bell is one of the most popular business. The Taco Bell was established by Glenn Bell. He started with a hot dog stand in 1946 which he is called Bell’s drive. He opened the Bell’s drive when he was at 23 years old. Later he opened a several numbers of restaurants and after that he finally began the first Taco Bell in California in 1962. By this time the Taco Bell went to public in 1970 with a total number of 325 restaurants. In 1978 the famous company PepsiCo purchased the Taco Bell from the owner Glenn Bell. And the Taco Bell is managing by PepsiCo till now. As for now, there are almost total number of 7000 locations of Taco Bell in a several numbers of countries.

Taco bell is sort of different from other fast food places. It has already differentiated from its competitors including the Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway and so many others. The Taco Bell has been providing a lot variety of ethnic oriented recipes including the tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burritos and other wide range of delicious food. Moreover, through their best qualified service that provide by the Taco Bell has been able to maintain their position as one of the excellent best fast food chains in all over the world. Let us take a look on their survey on howyou can participate in the Taco Bell – Tellthebell.

How you participate in the Taco Bell Survey – TelltheBell

TelltheBell is a customer satisfaction for the customers who visit there. That the Taco Bell is assuring in order to get the feedback from the people who visits there. This is for the company where they can use the valuable opinions from the customers in order to become better in their service. There are some couple of things that you should need to understand before taking part in the survey.

  • The customer should be 18 years old or more than 18 years old to participate in this survey
  • The person who participate in this survey should have 50 entry receipts for the survey. Which means the TelltheBell have 50 entry periods of survey. If you take part in one survey you have new receipt to take part in another one or else you won’t able to participate.

Now let us check on how to take a survey. And what you want before you entering the TelltheBell survey.

  • If you want to enter survey you should have a valid receipt from the Taco Bell restaurant
  • There will be a 16-digit code in the receipt. You have to enter this 16-digit code in order to enter the survey they conducting.
  • You should have the store number, date and time if you don’t have the 16-digit code or if you lost the receipt to enter the survey.

If you have visited the Taco Bell in a short span of time then you don’t have to worry, you will definitely have the receipt and the survey code within you.

Now let us start the process of doing the survey.  let’s look out how to enter and complete the Taco Bell – Tellthebell survey. Don’t forget to have receipt and code within you. Let get started.

Tellthebell How to Complete Taco Bell Survey

The tellthebell survey is super easy and super cool it will take only a few minutes you use to blink. You can enter any time at the survey as long as you have the access to the TelltheBell website. The best thing not only a computer or pc or laptop but also you can take survey through your mobile device as well.  here are the pointed-out steps that you have to follow so that you won’t get any trouble while taking the survey

tellthebell survey

  • Now first you have to do is open your device and enter the URL into the address bar: or click here enter the page.
  • you will get into a page where they provide the survey and now enter the 16 – digit code printed on the receipt.
  • The peoples who don’t have the code can get through the survey by clicking on the ‘Click here’ where under the code bar.
  • After clicking there they ask you to enter the store number, date and time. After that click the start button.

The first question is about the overall satisfaction with the restaurant along with rate.

After submitting the answer click next

On the next page you have to provide answer to a series of questions about the satisfaction on different things.

After that there will be more questions waiting for you.

Answering all of the questions will take a couple of minutes. In order to complete the survey, you have answer all of it. There are 15 question you have to answer in total. The specialty of this survey is that you have a chance to win $500 cash prize money as you can see in image above.

Like I said before with a blink the survey is over. Which means the survey super quick and super easy to take part in. This Taco Bell – tellthebell survey is also pretty easy to compete and complete. And getting $500 as cash prize is not just a silly thing. Isn’t it? It is a big deal. The winners of each survey will be announced at the end of every entry period.  And the highlight part is there are 50 winners in total who get the $500 cash prize which means they have the chance to take home the $500 cash prize.


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